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Skyblock Dream - Portalz Network 2020

August 7th 2020, 20:00 GMT / 15:00 EST / 14:00 CST / 13:00 MT / 12:00 PST

Hello, players of Portalz Network

The time has finally arrived! It will no longer be a secret anymore. We are busy working on the upcoming final release for skyblock dream, that will happen this upcoming Tuesday, September 1th, 2020. We already worked on a lot of things, mostly backend fixes and upgrades.

But we would like to make it the best as we possibly can, so we are now looking for your opinions on this reset we have planned! This whole week will we work on your suggestions (If we think they are worth adding) you guys can make within this post or suggest it through our discord! So if you have any great ideas, or you have found a bug that still exits let us know. We would highly appreciate it if the community could help us make this the best skyblock dream release we have made.

Island Top Rewards

We will have end season payouts for the top islands, this will go on till the end of the season. This should increase competition throughout the entirety of the season. This way, multiple islands can win over the course of the season, and competition will stay fresh!

End of the Season Reward:

First Place
€40 PayPal Money + €70 Store Coupon for SkyBlock Dream
Second Place
€20 PayPal Money + €50 Store Coupon for SkyBlock Dream
Third Place
€10 Store Coupon for SkyBlock Dream

The end of the season rewards will be paid out after 70 days of the...


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Welcome to Portalz Network
Our goal is to create a positive and innovative community


We consider ourselves as a community, not just a server. We have a large staff team, each doing there own thing, you may ask them questions. Our goal is to just have fun, and bring people together.


Portalz is inspired after the original network of players we ran and we strive to follow the same principles of its predecescor. Our goal is to create a positive and innovative community to supply our playerbase with an enjoyable and fresh environment.


Portalz Network is a welcoming community with its playerbase at the centre of its development. We want to develop new takes on original gamemodes to encourage new playstyles and ideas. As PortalzNetwork continues to grow we want to keep a community that players can feel comfortable envolving themselves in.​


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